Caramelized Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Sun-dried Tomatoes

So I'm leafing through the print version of Hadassah Magazine when I happen upon a Brussels sprouts recipe that stops me cold.  Literally.

Cold. Raw. Brussels sprouts.

Jazzed up and served as a salad, but raw.

Raw?  Aren't Brussels sprouts disgusting enough cooked?

But the ingredients, plus most of the directions, had the potential for major improvement.   I knew I was on to something after tinkering with both ... something that even haters will enjoy.

BBQ (or Broiled) Pomegranate Beef

Like the taste of pomegranate, but hate messing with all those seeds?  Then get ready to be wowed:  tender cubes of beef, drizzled with a honey-kissed pomegranate sauce ... with nary an aril in sight!

Sauerkraut ... from scratch?

What if I told you that making your own sauerkraut was mad easy?   What if I told you that it only has two ingredients ... and that neither is vinegar?

I know what you'd say:  um ... you already told us all that yesterday.  Cabbage.  And salt.

Okay then ... besides that?

 Oh, this is so exciting, that I'll tell you now.


But before I do, to add just a touch of suspense, let me mention that you don't need any fancy-schmancy equipment.  No need to sterilize jars or covers, or boil the life out of the cabbage to get rid of bacteria.  Because THAT'S the real secret ingredient ...  bacteria.

Wait ... what?  Bacteria?

Now stop with the ewwwww.  Especially if you (by now) peeked at yesterday's post.  Because probiotics, in a ton of superfoods that you love and enjoy, are simply bacteria.  Just the good kind. The kind that makes a fermented food a superfood.  And cures everything from cancer to ingrown toenails, if you believe all the hype anyway.

But why bother maki…

Brats in Apple-Caraway Sauerkraut

I heard that some big football is coming up in a couple weeks, and people celebrate by screaming at the TV, drinking beer and eating themselves silly.   Like I need an excuse to do every one of those. And although I have a reputation for creating fancy-schmancy dinners, I like junkfood almost as much.  Which leads me to brats and sausages.  Especially when paired with beer and sauerkraut like in this recipe.  Really perfect for parties, since it's really very forgiving.  Make with whatever kind of sausage-like substance you feel like having, or whatever theHubs brings back from the Try-n-Save despite that carefully crafted shopping list you agonized over (it's a good thing that my favorite is whatever kind of sausage he eventually brings back).  I've made this with bratwurst, sweet Italian sausage, hot Italian sausage, German something-or-other, no matter.  Still comes out great.   Cook 'em over the BBQ for the best char and taste, but since my own grill is allergic …

Ambidextrous Twix Bars

Did ya miss me?

Have to admit, the primary reason for the lengthy hiatus was summer laziness.  I really planned to come back with fresh recipes in September.

Then, at the end of August, at what was supposed to be a routine exam, a "suspicious" shadow suddenly appeared on the technician's screen ...

Shoe Polish Chocolate Cake

Is this the bestest name you've ever seen?   This dark and lovely cake gets its rich lusciousness from unsweetened (baking) chocolate and brown sugar.  Not coffee, as many dark chocolate cakes utilize to enhance color and flavor.  Extremely moist and delicious, with a hint of sweetness.  No need for icing, frosting, glaze, ganache nor any other topping you can possibly imagine.  I brought a few pieces to work, and not a crumb was left.